How to send me the score users get in my quizzes?

Hi everyone. I´m new here, in fact is the first time I write. Well this is my problem; I am making a test, i finally got it to work with random questions and giving you the score you get at the end. But since this is for work, i need to know the score users get and they cannot know since it’s and official test. So far i got nothing, I thought of canvas but to be honest i dont really understand how it works, since I just dont want to take a screenshot of the score, but i also need the information in my email or website.

Can any of you help me please?

Thank you

Welcome, Joseluis

You’re going to need to use either a server-side technology that tracks, stores, and then emails the recorded scores, or you’re going to need to use a web service like Survey Legend or Google Forms.

Here’s one method for recording info and creating a contact form which emails the result (This is a contact form but can be adapted to a quiz with additional programming)

Thank you for your reply. Can you recommend me any side-server?

I have tried using both survey L and google forms but they don’t give the professional look i’m going for.

A server side technology is something like PHP or Node that can process data. The PHP form link I shared is one implementation that uses the PHP ‘server-side’ technology.

Hey Daniel, thank you.

Ill try it out