How to POP up a video frame window on demand by push button?


I am trying to build a website page with Hype animation both for PC and mobile mode. In Hype animation, I would like to put into a short video.
In order to keep clear design interface and less bandwidth, it would be much better if the video would be shown up in a POP widow or POP layer without leaving the Hype animation by push a button of WATCH VIDEO.

By this way, the sites user can access sites quickly without delay in mobile mode.

Do I need add codes? if yes, It would be appreciated if anyone can show a example code, thanks!


Hi Alex!

According to this post by @jonathan regarding videos (in particular the very last line)… Hype does not preload video as a matter of course so pop-up or no pop-up the loading time should be the same.

In my own use of videos in Hype preloading does not happen (which is a good default IMO) - the download only occurs when you click the “Play” button.

Thanks :slight_smile:

That is fine, but for clear design purpose, I do not want put embed video into animation even without preload.

I find a JS codes to pop up a window, but it will open a new window, I prefer it will open a new video layer in the same animation page, do you know how to revise the following code? thanks a lot.

<input type="button" a href="#" onclick="'','go','scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=238,height=350')" value="Watch Movie" name="B1" style="background-color: #B5DD9C; font-family: $Five Double Zero; color: #008000; border: 1 solid #5FB020">

You just need to embed the video in a hidden rectangle. Have the user click a button and the video shows.

Here is an example that should give you an idea, (1.8 MB)

adapted from

Overlay/Popup with just an image and

Great thanks.:slight_smile:

This looks great, and I will try to do some change based on it, thanks again.


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