How to make an object visible only inside a rectangle

hi, I am making a circle which should move from left to right but it should be invisible at the beginning but visible only when it is passing through a rectangle. how to do?

Hi arg!

One way to do this is to select the circle & rectangle and group them. “Group” is available in the Toolbar area at top of the Hype interface, or in the “Arrange” menu. This grouping shows up under the Timeline area with the default name of “Group”. Then in Hype’s “Metrics” panel set “Content Overflow” (first selection in this panel) for this group to “Hidden”. You will want to make sure the bounding box for the Circle & Rectangle group is adjusted to fit exactly around the perimeter of the Rectangle.


Another method would be using rectangles (with same color as the background) as masks to hide the circle and using the Arrange menu to bring the masks forward and the circle back one place. And create a new timeline to move the circle. (11.9 KB)

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but what if I want to insert the image in a ipad frame like this? I think I cannot make a no fill ipad in Tumult hype. I can make that in illustrator but is there any better way? the image should go into the ipad but ipad frame should be in forward!

Look here:

I admit the way you have described what you want is a little confusing when you start talking about iPad Frame/no fill ipad ??

But If I am understanding you, then the method JimScott mentions should work for you ?.

somehowI made somthing like this…later made it more accurate. (85.7 KB)

Have a look at this way…

7007.hype (92.3 KB)