How to implement the Footnote function in a text box?

Hi, I’m using Hype 3 to create an ebook. I’ve already solved the interactive features of the images, but I do not know how to add footnotes to the text.

I know how to make a pop-up using a button so that I can show the footnote in a pop-up window, but Hype 3 handles the text box as a whole and the mouse action only adds to the entire text box.

Is there any way to achieve the effect of footnote in a text box? Any help will be highly appreciated. Thany you.

Are you thinking of something like a ‘tooltip’? Here’s a few examples of that:

If that’s not what you’re thinking, can you post an example of what you’re trying to achieve?

Thank you Daniel.

I know how to do the “On Mouse OVer” actions, but what I want is to add footnotes to multiple words in a text box, and I’ve recorded a little video as an example. Please help me to see if there is any way to do it.