How can I make a preloader work in an iframed OAM widget?

How to make an automatic or a custom-made preloader work for the OAM widget embedded into WordPress post area via Hype Animations WP plugin?

The idea is to alert the user during the initial load that some content is coming in
to the blank space,
otherwise the user just scrolls down /clicks away and will miss the content.

The built-in preloader (via Show loading indicator in the Document Inspector) should show up just fine in wordpress exports.

If you are using a custom preloader, this is typically done by modifying the HTML page. In order to do this, you’ll need to manually modify the OAM to get inside and change the .html page. Since it is a zip, you can change the extension and then unzip it. There are special instructions to rezip when done. After the upload, you will need to use the iframe display method for the hype wordpress plugin so the HTML is displayed.

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Thank you very much @jonathan
it works now!
(easy peasy to enable when you know it)19

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