Hidden Overflow not working

Please see tumult Hype Problem #2 on this page for an example of how I'm not able to hide the overflow:


The box currently selected in this image does have 'overflow' set to hidden, but the group's boundary is very large -- so you should grab the edges of that box and make it the size you want. The hidden part of the group will be what is outside of the box's bounding box.

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I'm sorry, but I don't understand your answer.

The animation scene size is 900x441 and the group size is also 900x441.

I want to start the animation with the 1400x685 image squeezed down to 900x400 so that it fits inside the scene.

Then I want to "zoom in" by expanding the image out past the borders of the animation/group without the part of the image outside the borders being visible.

Can't that be done with Content Overflow Hidden?

this can be done by content overflow hidden ... you may provide a hypefile to illustrate your setup ...

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Here's how that works:

Some more info on masking:

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Got it! Thank you h_classen and Daniel! The problem was that I didn't realize the bounding box of the image expanded with the image, when I increased the size of the image. I set the bounding box back to the size of the scene and hidden overflow worked.