Here is my Hype + Vivus animation, many thanks for the support :)

Hi folks,

I’ve finally officially launched my site at: — and at the very top you’ll see my Hype animation. (Feedback welcome).

This integrates with the wonderful vivus.js script to animate nicely.

There are two more animations further down the page, these only play when you view them, a swinging padlock and an axe chopping into a tree stump.

When I ran into issues or had questions I had fantastic support on this forum, so many thanks. I did have a couple of outstanding issues which I’ll raise on separate posts.

Many thanks!


One of the best I’ve ever seen :man_artist:

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Very nice!

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great work!

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Very nice work!
Sorry to ask how did you do the swinging padlock animation? Is it a javascript?
I want to implement it in a cultural project but I can not find the java library, thanks !

It is a cute lil :compass: )

This was done in Hype (press record, move playhead, change rotation, :repeat: )

Thank you! As Daniel described this was done with Hype. The trick is positioning the swing point. There is a tiny bit of code in the hype file to detect when the viewer is at that part of the page and start the animation going. Let me know if you need this and i will dig it out.

Oh here it is: Have a viewport timeline animation play only once

Yes…! Thank you very much.