Google Display banners & Doubleclick

Hi guys,

I just bought Hype 3 and I wanted to start produce HTML5 banner for Google Display and Double Click.

Any guides or tips and tricks?

The first thing I’d recommend is to take a look at the Export Scripts page. Export Scripts are a new feature in the recently released v3.6 that we made to help with flows like working with DoubleClick!

We have produced plugins for DoubleClick Studio and DoubleClick Campaign Manager. The DCM one uses clickTag and passes the validator you mentioned in your other thread, so that might be what you want. After you’ve installed it, there’s a clickTag field in the Document Inspector, new “exit” action that makes use of it, and then a File > Export as HTML5 > DoubleClick Campaign Manager… menu item to use.

Beyond that, there are many other posts on the forums about using DoubleClick; if what you’re looking to do isn’t addressed by these feel free to post specific questions. I’m interested in making sure Hype plays well with ad systems.