Getting a TypeError from the Hype-596.thin.min.js:82

Without seeing you project and any code you are using not sure we can help…

Al we can see is someting is undefined in the project.

But if you post something we can look at then maybe we can.

Also have a look at

You are right Mark.

Here is a live preview link. Without the Data-base the banners won’t work. That is why I have this preview link.

And the export file: (149.9 KB)

You got the project file

Also I suspect this is something being called during scene load or timeline action

To clarify above the error maybe simply an javascript action set to none

Check you do not have any actions with a run Javascript set to ‘none’

But tt would be better to see the project file for further help. (561.0 KB)

So the first thing I see is you on scene loads all have


Which is what I was pointing out above as likely the issue. Remove these and see if you still get the error.

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let’s see if that is the case. Interesting indeed this option is set.

As an FYI this has been fixed in v4. It is a combination of removing javascripts in “unexpected” ways that lead to a runtime error. v4 guards against the runtime error and fixes one of the unexpected ways this can be a result, but if you remember how you might have removed the javascript that was originally on the action that would be great to know. Thanks!