Full Screen Background Responsive Video with Auto Play and Hyperlink

I’m a Blocs user and recently one mentioned Hype 3. I must say I’m pretty impressed at what it can do. :smile: have read many posts, especially @Daniel, and watch videos, but have not located any sources that would help. Would any of you share how this can be easily done in Hype 3 for a newbie?
What would be the most efficient way to achieve a responsive Hero video Gallie playing audio?
What would be cool if after a set time the video sends the user to a link Crystal Skies to purchase or download the music.
Is this possible? Please get back to me as soon as possible. I appreciate anyone’s help.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

You can embed both these types of content in Blocs


Iframe (a URL like the one you posted):

In Hype, you would use an HTML Widget for both these objects. More info here: https://tumult.com/hype/documentation/3.0/#html-widgets

Man @Daniel that was one fast response thanks for getting back to me so soon.
I’ll check out the suggestions. While the Jakerlund video you share was good, if didn’t really address my concerns about Responsive Full Screen Video. Is there a reason why I cannot locate any clear info on Hype 3 about this subject?

There's 57,000+ posts on these forums, and there's a huge amount of info if you use the search box above
Here's a thread on the topic of embedding videos responsively:

http://embedresponsively.com/ is a pretty powerful way to get a responsive embed code from Youtube.

To see info on creating objects that are flexible based on the browser width, visit: Tumult Hype Documentation

Here's info on embedding Youtube videos: Custom Video Embedding: Youtube, Vimeo, or hosted video files | Stopping Audio when exiting the scene

For getting started with Hype, start here: Tumult Hype — Support

I know @Daniel there is lots of really good information here. I looking for a simple tutorial that accomplishes what my post is about if there is one. :slight_smile: It would make more sense to me if I know more code.
Does this code have to be inserted at each Breakpoint?

Let's first establish if you're talking about Blocs or Hype. If you were using Hype, I wouldn't recommend using a Youtube video, but using a regular MP4 video file. It will be much easier to detect when the video is complete and to perform some action (like show that Ophelia URL). The bottom of this post has info on that process: Sync Timelines to Video & Audio in Tumult Hype. That does involve a small snippet of code, but it's not much.

If you were using the Youtube embed, you would create a single scene with everything all setup, and then create additional layouts as you want. These are similar to breakpoints, and the contents of each layout is different, with entirely different elements. But if you start your content on a single scene and add layouts later, this will use the first scene's contents as a starting point. (You could also use Symbols for shared components across scenes).

If you're in a rush for getting this all done and wrapped up for multiple browser support, you may want to hire someone, but all the answers can also be found if you have time and patience.

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Just to be clear I’m looking into Hype 3

@Daniel it’s cool the way you are here for all of Hype users. I’ve ready many of your post. I find you to be the expert here.
What would you suggest for newbies to get a clear working understanding of Hype 3.x?
Considering I learn more from tutorials. :slight_smile:
I heard and read Hype 4 is coming out will be any easier to use?
When will a list of the New features be out?

When most people approach Hype, they have a goal in mind, so you're on the right track. I think you should examine some threads here where folks are embedding video, you should become familiar with the Flexible Layout and Responsive Layouts parts of the documentation: Tumult Hype Documentation

Exploring these forums, downloading projects from the gallery and jumping into the tutorials is a great way to learn Hype. We don't have a release date yet for Hype 4.

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Thanks, @Daniel :grinning: I’ll be spending some time checking the links out.

@Daniel even though this guy is a little goofy and gets lost he did a pretty good explanation of some basic stuff

I also watch many of your videos and while I was not familiar with some of the terms I found them intriguing.
If you know of any others like the one above I would love to get some more knowledge.
Thanks for all your help :grinning: