Full preview being cut-off

When I preview my document in a browser it’s cut off. It’s 1200 x 2000 pixels with a breakpoint of 1200. It’s my first time having a breakpoint because this will have other layouts, but it does not yet. Not sure if that is causing the issue. Here’s my file.

HR Interactive-Hype-v1e.hype.zip (601.0 KB)

It looks like you had ‘height’ set to scale, which was resulting in some of your document getting cut off. For making your larger layout to expand to fit your viewport size, I recommend setting scaling on a group which contains all your elements, and just doing scaling on the ‘width’ dimension. Check out the attached doc:

HR Interactive-Hype-v1e.hype 2.zip (628.5 KB)

So you would need to re-adjust your layout for each of your smaller layouts to use this method as well. BTW the method I’m using to test the layouts is Safari’s Responsive Design Mode.

Here’s more info about what’s happening:


THANK YOU!!! I will make these adjustments and hopefully have no more issues with this. This will be my first stab at responsive design so I’m sure I will plenty more questions.

I LITERALLY (not yelling) just broke my file and am panicked as I have to show it to a group at 3pm EST. It must be something tiny I was doing with my ‘HP 3 PLUS’ symbol’ cause that’s all I see now.

If anyHR Interactive-Hype-v3.hype.zip (715.0 KB)
one can help while I do my own troubleshooting it would be most helpful

FALSE ALARM :slight_smile: