Frame rate setting

Banners in my office need to be set at either 18 or 24 frames per second depending on what the client wants. How do you set that in Hype?

Are you referring to GIF export framerates? Currently, we allow selecting from these values:

You would need to use a different GIF tool (Like Photoshop) to get different framerates.

Or are you trying to change the framerate of an HTML5 Animation? There isn’t a way to control this setting.

I meant in HTML5. Thanks for answering promptly.

Hi there,

anything on this? Im having the same problem. Thanks!

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I’m having the same issue

The browser runs at a native frame rate. There is no easy way to just throttle that without writing some timing code in between. This would require to tweak the core runtime and might have other issues in the consequence. Like the engine skipping important frames or timeline actions. I don’t think you will find a solution that Hype offers out of the box but @jonathan might have more insight.

If you can Programm a bit you can write your banner to advance manually on a “timer ticker”. I wrote one using custom behavior called customBehaviorTicker

But that would make it necessary to refactor your animations but it offers to set a frame rate. You den could use a frame counter and jump to the time index of your timeline.

Something like this would run in ever “tick”:

var FPS=20;// your frame rate here
If (!hypeDocument.frameCounter) {
    hypeDocument.frameCounter = 0;
hypeDocument.goToTimeInTimelineNamed ( “YOURTIMELINE”, hypeDocument.frameCounter/FPS);

This is untested code and also misses an boundary check if the timeline is at the end. It also has the missed timeline actions problem if your using them and you’d have to run it on child timelines too if your got them.

So if this isn’t for you I understand.

Maybe there is a better way short of hacking the runtime timeline engine itself.