Fixed element at the top of page

Hello everyone
First of all, I am a beginner on “hype”, I do not know anything to the code (that’s why I appreciate “hype”) and lately I’m French and I do not master English well … I know it made a lot!
my question is this: how can we stick a top item in a scrolling page ?
in fact I would like an image that remains in the top banner and text or another image that scroll below? is it possible ?
Thank you in advance and please be lenient

Here’s a good example of a stick top element that stays put while you scroll: Sticky navigation

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To make an element ‘stick’, you need to add CSS to the Head HTML of your Hype project. I’ve found that it also helps to make the element a part of a ‘Group’ in Hype. Here’s a simple demo… (9.6 KB)


Thank you so much to you guys !