Extension-Set "Scene Magic" (beta)

Hello Everybody,

inspired by the upcoming Apple Event tomorrow I thought of Steve Jobs and his great Keynotes. Remember how he had this magic software in the background to display all the new products. Then one day he introduced iWork with Keynote as part of the package and gave everybody the possibility to step into his footsteps… although in terms of Keynote features and in general he always stayed one step ahead.

So one day apple introduced “Magic Move” to the public. A new “smart” transition between slides. A function that would animate known elements from one slide to the next and fade in new elements.

In this spirit I recreated the effect in Hype and called this Extension-Set “Scene Magic”. It currently animates all supported attributes from setElementProperty and contains the following functions:
hypeDocument.showNextSceneMagic …but is still in the works (beta).

If you want to take a peek. Here you go:
sceneTransitionMagic.hype.zip (36,5 KB)

Let me know what you think! :speaker:


Nice Work Max!

An element of fun too… creating objects with different settings between scenes just to see what happens.

I think this style of creativity - in particular transitions - has the potential to create a “cottage industry” for Hype scripters. This scenario already exists in the video realm where a collection of cool effects~transitions are packaged for sale at reasonable prices. Yeah, you can roll your own, but many folks who are on a deadline, or who don’t want to spend the time~effort, might be willing to pay for pre-scripted effects that are easy to adapt to their workflow.

Look forward to the evolution of your project.

Playing around - for those who have not experimented yet with “Scene Magic” - no coding involved or key framing required…


works like a charm :slight_smile:

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I still need to fix the core routine as it doesn’t accommodate fading out existing scene elements that are not present in the next scene. I need to create a better morphing routine (including a look ahead )once that is done I will compose some advanced use cases. It is very similar to relative timelines but has some advantages as it works across scenes and I want to illustrate them.


This is amazing! If I had a nickel for every magic move scene transition request we’ve gotten, you’d be a very rich man @MaxZieb!

Perhaps this is also a reason for the namespacing - you could actually use the showSceneNamed() API name but allow for the transition to be named something else. If you don’t find your own match to the transition then you can fallback to the standard hypeDocument.showSceneNamed() API.

Great work!!!

Thank you! :sparkles: It's my birthday tomorrow so that's nice of you to say :birthday::gift:.

I am also happy to report that I just finished a major rewrite :robot::nerd: of the code. I backed away from a tree crawler :deciduous_tree::monkey: and implemented a DIFF-Map :page_facing_up:!=:page_facing_up:. These can be cached and they enable all kind of other neat stuff. They are also much faster. I got it at a point where I reestablished yesterdays functionality and added the missing fadeout. Next up clean function interface and examples. I'll keep you all posted.

(very soon).


Excellent, looking forward to the new version!

@jonathan I wanted to release yesterday but as I started encapsulating stuff on Stage for a fun Demo I ran into deep trouble … so now I am at the point: rather then mapping stuff against each other (what started to give me a headache in the demo scenario) I am on the verge to switching back to a good old tree walker. It feels more manageable.

For non programmers:
It’s like … mapping a bunch of streetmap :map: layers onto each other and hoping for the right “roads” :motorway: to (dis)appear versus the alternative of driving a :blue_car: on a single lane down a forked highway with u-turns :leftwards_arrow_with_hook: and mapping :vertical_traffic_light::map: it out while doing so. The second seams easier to manage.

So I’ll rip the :heart: out again and replace the Diffmaps, I guess. But first pressing client work. So give me a moment or chip in if you feel like it.

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I would pay a fair price for extra javascript functionality. So long as it doesn’t take the pressure off Tumult to keep adding functionality that should be core (hmm … like scene transitions).

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Same thoughts, expressing those on behalf of non-programmers, one of the target groups of Hype users, concisely:

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Una para ti tu crees que podemos hacer una secuencia de transiciones y convertirlas en un “Symbol” y luego cada uno la personaliza. Lo correcto es que Hype nos diera un menu tu crees que los “Jedi Master” este en eso.

POnte en contacto que quiero mostrarte un proyecto y me gustaria intercambiar ideas.

Realmente quiero programar transiciones. En ese momento ya comenzó, pero no hay API oficial y por lo tanto siempre será un truco a medias.

Finally updated… see to Hype SceneMagic 2.0

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Hi Max!

FYI: I tried the download and got this

Not Found

The requested URL /Hype/HypeSceneMagic2.hype.zip was not found on this server.

Thats old news. Try again. Still fixing a bug to prevent user interaction while the transition is running.
PS: bug fixed… now it’s great.

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