Drag & Click Event on the same item clashing

Sorry if this is in the wrong place or a stupid question I just cant seem to find the answer.

I have a drag event (horizontal) that brings in options from off the screen, multiple tiles to be exact.
each tile has a drag event to navigate back and for using the time line to animate,

on the same hot spot that starts the time line I have an on click event to open up the tile but while i'm dragging the click event is being activated.

So basically I need a way of disabling the onclick event while dragging? Im certain this can be achieved with running a JS any help would be massively appreciated

WDA Design Studio

you may provide a samplesetup of what you have so far ...

perhaps it's possible without any js ...

thanks for the reply unfortunately my build is a little bit sensitive and I cant share the content as its for a large company any the content hasn't been released yet so I cant share but I will create a mocked version of what I currently have and post that as soon as I can

Thank you

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Drag and click problem.hype.zip (37.2 KB) heres a basic version of my problem so basically while dragging you are activating the on click event

enableClickWhenDragEnd.hype.zip (39.1 KB)

not 100% on what your after ...

this enables click-execution only when the drag has been ended.

targetscene is stored in a data-attribute

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I need to do exactly what you say "click only function once drag has completed" but that file you uploaded is still having the issue for me as I click to drag its kicking me onto the landing scene :frowning:

** Update **
ignore me it was chrome being glitchy your code worked perfectly in a different browser

Thank you so much

Help me please, I take advice.

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