Doubleclick and modified clickability

I’m making ads that will run on Doubleclick, but am having problems understanding the requirements. I’ve made an ad in Hype that has both a CTA-button leading to a website, as well as a button that when clicked shows some legal text within the banner (i.e. a click on that button only displays a rectangle with some text in it).

I export with the Doubleclick export script, and when I run it through the validator everything looks good until I attempt to click the legal button. I get this message, which is not good since a click on the legal button presumably would lead to the user being sent off to the landing page instead:


So, I tried implementing the ExitApi-script instead in order to be able to use both buttons, but that leads to the following error:

It seems, starting 11 Dec 2017, changes were made to Adwords/Doubleclick that makes “modified clickability” unsupported ( Does this mean that a button such as the legal button I’m trying to make will no longer be possible, since all clicks have to lead to the exit url? Or am I not getting something?

Thanks in advance.

I assume you’re targeting AdWords? Which export script are you using? (we’ve been on the road to making an AdWords specific one)

This thread has some similar discussion:

From the link you posted, it sounds like you may be able to achieve the legal button via a <a href="..."></a> link in the inner HTML of an element. Does that work when the Exit api is not used?

Thanks for your reply! I actually tried using both the Doubleclick script and the Adwords script from the thread you referenced.

Anyway, I double checked, and the paper we’re delivering to are using DFP… I’m a bit new to all this, so I think the issue is that I’ve used the wrong validator; that is, using the one for Adwords when I should have checked with the DCM one :confused:

Anyway, to get around what I thought was a limitation, I put the legal text in a tab that expands and closes again with mouse over and mouse out… Using the DCM validator however, the legal button tap event (on mouse click) is okay.

So this was pretty much a non issue, just me being a bit confused :slight_smile:


Glad you were able to figure it out more. If there’s every any tips you have feel free to add to the forums; I think there’s a lot of different technologies/techniques and so a lot for everyone to learn!

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