Device orientation

Hi Hype,

as deviceorientation is used for physics it would be nice to see some built-in scene-behaviours for ‘normal’ use

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Thanks for the suggestion! It’s already on our list of potential upcoming actions :wink:


Hi there,
did you work on something to detect device orientation ? I mean, for example to detect realtime if the device is on landscape or portrait mode ?
I’m trying to find a method on the net, which could define the first orientation when opening the website, then detecting when it changes, so to modify rules for physics (transforming beta–>gamma and vice-versa). But I’m stucked…
You can see the project I’m working on at this post: Device orientation --> Change element position

Hi there,
digging more and more on the forum I found this code to detect device orientation, and so to add function if landscape or not and it seems to work well. There it is by @sgibm : How to ask user to change orientation to portrait if he/she rotates phone to landscape mode

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