Deleting multiple scenes

(Rav Norodom) #1

How do you delete multiple scenes? I tried to press and hold SHIFT key while selection scenes but it’s not working.


There currently isn’t a way to delete multiple scenes but we’ll add your vote to our feature request tracker.

Deleting multiple scenes: feature request revival
(Ryan) #3

Not only would it be great to delete multiple scenes at the same time, but another feature related to this that would be helpful is just to be able to see the scenes in a list view without the preview thumbnail. The thumbnail takes up a lot of visual space. If I were able to view my scenes just by their names, without the thumbnails, it would take up A LOT less of my screen real estate and be MUCH easier to manage. Also, this would make it much easier to select and delete multiple scenes if and when that functionality is implemented.

Deleting multiple scenes: feature request revival