Cropping an image within Hype

This seems like the most basic thing, but I’m not seeing any way to crop an image. Am I missing something or is there no way to do this in Hype (I’m using Pro).

You’ll have to use an outside program to crop images. Hype isn’t an image manipulation program. In v4 there will be a way to open resources in outside editors so you can adjust them on the fly. But, you will still have to have said programs on your machine.

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While Hype does not have a dedicated tool you can create masking (crop) effects:


masking !== crop :smiley: :smiley:

But you’re right in saying that by grouping element(s) you can “hide” parts of the grouped element(s) by setting overflow to anything other than “visible”.

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Thanks for this. Tried it and it works as a cropping effect, though definitely not ideal as I cannot group and “flatten” it with another image, and apply an animation to it as a single unit. The grouped objects animate individually and don’t behave as a single unit.

I understand hype isn’t an image editing application, but nowadays image cropping should be considered a basic image editing feature in any tool like Hype.

The roundtripping with image editors (I’m guessing Sketch and Photoshop) will be nice. When is version 4 coming out?

Thanks for the request, I’ve added your vote to this in our feature tracker. We don’t yet have a release date for v4, but we’re working on wrapping it up!