Creation of interactive graphic / info graphic and integration into wordpress

Hi, I am looking for some help in making our vision a reality.

Basically, we have a graphic that has some icons that we would like to be interactive on hover; and on click some content is displayed. The design will be handled by us, we need help with the animation and interactivity.

A breakdown of the concept can be viewed here, plz make sure to scroll below the fold for text instructions :

Is Hype well versed to deal with this sort of design?

The piece would need to sit in a WordPress Divi site and be responsive for desktop and tablet, maybe mobile… lets discuss.

Please have a look, let me know if you have questions and I am looking forward to collaborating. Thank you.

This is very easy. You can probably do it yourself with regular Hype.

Maybe try Scene Magic (the version with the init function as that work with WordPress). It’s even simpler and boils down to positioning and naming. See Hype Custom Transitions (and Template)

If after reviewing that example you still think you can’t do it yourself let the forum know… certainly somebody can do that!

That is good to know. I am very tempted to give this a go myself, but my plate is really full right now. So I don’t mind entertaining collaborating. Thx for the resources. Ill check them out.