Countdown clock


Hi @efftimie. Sure I can help you but there are quite a few things that I don’t want to guess like how you want the timer to display and what time you are counting down to and also if you have enough knowledge to implement any code that I offer. Do you have something you’ve already started? Then I can see what I’m playing with.

(Alex Eftimie) #22

Hello and thanks for your help. Actually I found something already and works pretty good. Except the fact that I cannot change the font in the html widget, event though in a text box the my custom font works perfectly. I would appreciate your help with that. I attached the file here.
Countdown Timer (57.3 KB)


Hi @efftimie

Just add the “@fontface” text to the HEAD html inside your HTML widget. HTML widgets are basically iframes so your font-family rule won’t be able to find the font declaration.

(Alex Eftimie) #24

Worked perfectly. Thank you so much. Have a good one! Cheers