Continue to next scene?

Is there a way to get the editor to jump to the next scene? It ignores the Next Scene marker. At the moment I’m having to export to .MP4 to see what happens

If you mean when a timeline meets a keyframe action in the Timeline view. Then no.
You can preview in the browser but not inside hype. I think many of use would like something where we could preview the full flow of the timelines but cannot imagine how it would work if multiple timelines and actions.

Maybe if hype had it’s own browser option for preview. When you run in the Hype browser a floating panel pops up that shows a visual list of all timelines and actions (kinda of like Activity along with being able drill down into them for more detail of whats going on…

The problem I have with previewing in a browser is that I am work at 1920 x 1080. I can work at a zoom of 50% in the editor but the browser preview is the full 1920 x 1080, which is too big for my screen.

You may want to use Safari's Responsive Design Mode -- it will scale your content down, but at least you can see everything:

Also if you use the browser zoom controls in Safari and Chrome (like command-plus and command-minus) they will preserve their magnification setting for each preview.