Content to be displayed on 3 screen (or 2) controlled by 1 touch display

Hi Guys, I need guidance.

I have a new project and wanted to know if it is possible to develop using Hype.

It is like in a museum where I draw an interface with a few buttons (drawn) that will be on a touch screen (possibly an android tablet or a mini pc) and the result is displayed on another screen.

The screen you control will have 8 (or more) buttons for interaction. The second screen will display movies or a sequential presentation or some moving graphics. Depends on the button chosen on the first screen. All content will still be developed.

it’s possible?

I would also like to know if it is possible to control 3 screens, for example:

1 screen: controlling - touch interface

2 screen: displaying a movie

3 screen: presentation describing the movie being displayed on screen 2 through texts (such as a powerpoint).

Tks for help.

Greetings to all!

EDIT: Looks like this guy’s doubt here.

Traditionally you would use an socket server (like for chats) and pass message around in real-time.
These servers can be run from a Raspberry PI for example… as for your purposes and intent that will suffice. You can also use an old Mac or PC as a socket server. This has the advantage that it can run in a local wireless network without connectivity to the internet.

As building and running the socket server requires a bit of admin knowledge I would also sugggest a SaaS like
There are more so look them up and compare them. They require a connection to the internet.

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I had the idea to use Pusher to extend Custom Behavior. As I already wrote Hype GlobalBehavior I extend that library. Not the core of it but added some code you can use with it in Head HTML. This would also work without Hype GlobalBehavior but that would be boring :wink: