Content of Adbanner changes according to scroll-position on webpage

Dear hype-rists!

Perhaps my question is way off but I’m thinking about the following:

I want to create two skyscraper-banners. One on the left, the other on the right side of the content-column.
Both stay in viewport while the user scrolls down the page. This behavior is automatically given by the website-operator.

My question:
is it possible to dynamically change the content in the skyscraper-banner according to its position on the webpage?

Example for better understanding:

  • While you start reading the banner - now at top-position of the page - shows Motive A.
  • To continue reading you have to scroll/swipe down.
    While you do this the content of the banner starts to change.
  • On arriving at the bottom of the page you see the Motive A has crossfaded to Motive B.


You’re going to want to ‘post’ a message to (what I assume is) the iframed ad telling it how far you have scrolled. If your ad is not iframed, then you can use a Viewport Action.

To get the scroll position of the page and feed it into the iframed ad, you would need to run a script in both the parent page and the ad that talks about how far the person has scrolled. This thread should be helpful: Jquery Waypoints scroll animations in iframes don't work. If you are only allowed to display a single page in an iframe, you won’t ever know the scroll position of the page unfortunately.