Connect Hype to Drupal Database


I’m new to Hype and I’d like to know if there is a way to connect Hype wih a Drupal Database in order to get some content in different scene.

In clear I have a web site drupal based where people are filling content (for example a text a sound and a video). In Hype I defined different buttons on a scene and when I click one I go to another scene where I’d like to embed content provided by Drupal.

Is there some exemple on how to make this happen?

Thanks in advance and code example appreciated :slight_smile:.


The easiest way is to directly include an HTML page generated by Drupal by using an HTML widget. This can point directly to a URL. You’ll need to modify your Drupal theme to organize your content in the way you’d like. (This is more of a Drupal than Hype question). But the key thing you should know is that once you have a Drupal page, it’s very easy to place that content as in iframe in your Hype document.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your reply. Of course this is the first thing I thought. In this way of course this is more Drupal Stuff.

What I was thinking is more what is shown in this thread: Loading external text

Indeed the advantage about this is to link different type of content (not only text) like images, videos, sounds…

So I was just checking if in the community someone already realized this kind of script. But apparently this is not the case :).