Call out to Educators using Hype to create physics animations

I’ve used Hype for some time. I’d like to connect to other educators who are creating or have created physics animations.

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What are you looking to do?
I have done a few fun experiments with the Hype Physics engine for some visualizations.

Here is one that I posted a long time ago…

Although I am not a physics teacher, I taught ESL, one of our major projects was on the Medieval. In science they had to conceive and build miniature catapults built out of popsicle sticks and elastics. They then have an interclass competition. To show them what is the optimum ballistic angle so their « rock » goes the farthest, I designed a catapult simulation where they enter the angle and then take practice shots. Of course even with the same angle there is a statistical spread and they have little flags to put to get the median of the shots. :slight_smile:


Thanks! I enjoyed your animation. Years ago I designed animations in Flash to explain very basic High School physics principles. Now I have started to recreate them in Hype. An example would be a demonstration of conservation of momentum.

Here’s one I am working on now.


That’s interesting!

very nice!
Not sure if you have ever seen Rob Ive’s site on mechanisms.
He did these before Hype was around but it is a nice visual format.
Some of his animations are not working right now.

His main focus is in paper automata.

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The link is rotten.


Thanks DBear!