Auto-convert pasted text to plain-text-format

Hey, a cursory search revealed no feature request to this issue that I would consider a borderline bug:

When a user copies text into Hype it may contain style elements, depending on where it originated. This has confused a lot of users in the past, with offered solutions ranging from “copy into notepad first” to “paste it into an email” to strip a text of unwanted style attributes.

The style attributes can really wreak havoc with a design within Hype, especially when they overwrite the global styles the user tries to apply to the text through the Hype UI. Only when the (power) user double clicks on the element containing the text to reveal HTML-source, can one see the trouble-causing elements. It confused the hell out of one of my students recently, and the workaround to get her to turn all the text she pasted into plain text after the fact was really cumbersome.

Would it not make sense to have Hype strip all pasted text from styles? Or at least offer a way to do so from within the app like “reset all styles on element.”


Hi Jakob, you can paste formatted text into the ‘innerHTML’ box of an element and it will strip the formatting from it.

see this thread…

Hey Greg,

Thanks, that’s good to know, but it is neither efficient nor intuitive nor readily available for non-power users. The problems described in the thread remain unaddressed, as far as I could gather. I would propose that the default behavior for text is to be pasted unstyled, so that manual style overrides can be added in the innerHTML box by those who want to actively mess with the styles that the hype UI-controls afford. Perhaps I’m discounting a use case or perhaps the implementation is non-trivial, I’m just putting the suggestion out there.


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I for one would not like the behaviour reversed lke this.

I think as a user let alone a power user this would be counterintuitive. I expect apps out there to past formatted text when copying a formatted block. Hype does a good job of doing this.

Having access to the innerHTML to be able to see the formatting and past the plain text into is also great.

The problem that you find yourself with is it is not obvious how to past un formatted text or plain text.
And I think this is what needs to be addressed if anything.

Overall though it probably comes down to people not reading the documentation or the documentation not being clear. ( yes I am one of those people who does not RTFM or documentation before I get into an app)

A simple Contextual menu item 'Past as plain text" would do. and i would be very happy in voting for this.


sry, didn’t want to like :wink: guess it is Bearbeiten -> ‘Einsetzen und Stil anpassen’

Edit -> Customise ‘Paste and Match Style’

Good point. I think this is an also…