Asset division question

I am trouble shooting a problem for a client and I could use some help. As it stands all assets for the hype doc are located in hyperesoures. Is it possible to have the image assets in a separate folder and the code in another and still have it work?

I am working with a client that is trying to deploy on Uberflip and they have a folder for external js, but as I would normally do, they have css in one folder, js in another and image assets in another.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

To clarify, are you asking for Hype to export differently (say put things into a js/ and img/ folder) or to be able to read from folders outside of the .hype document (as if the .hype were located where the exported .html would be)?

@jonathan the platform is called uberflip. I would have to cut and paste all the code into a JavaScript file. It’s a very controlled environment, and then in terms of visual assets they would be separate. I am trying to confirm if I can at least have a directory for JavaScript files

It isn’t really possible now, though can be done with some unsupported hacking if need be. Please see:

Thanks @jonathan. I do have a question, every site I have ever built, I always separate assets, code and CSS. Why is hype set up that way. It seems like it would be easy enough to be able to set some parameters in the app for paths. Might be a nice addition in the next iteration.

The idea of a single folder for everything was the closest emulation to a flash .swf file; we thought this would be conceptually easy for users: “all you need is three lines of code in your HTML and the folder of resources.” I personally also like dividing by functionality and not asset type since computers are pretty good at sorting by the type automatically. But as you can see from the other link, being able to support this style isn’t an uncommon request.

@jonathan I hear you. And it worked fine for us, until we started dealing with platforms that are growing that won’t allow JS files even. I figured out a way to hack it by pasting a whole javascript file into an onLoad on an and it works like a charm. Because I can’t separate the content, I have to emulate the entire HYPE doc we created with tweens and such inside this hacked javascript code. A real pain.

I think it would be nice if there was at least a choice, for times when you need to deal with pain in the ass platforms. :slight_smile:

Totally - I’m not married to the current setup and have no problem giving options, especially since we added the “Advanced Export” feature to offer finer grained control when needs like this come up!