Animated html5-banner ads - rise OR decline of creative input

Haven’t had a complaint, Jaywing. I know they want us to cut at 30 seconds.

To simulate the hover effect on a touchscreen is a tricky one. One would expect that touchscreens would scan the screen for movement and notice the difference between touch and hover. But no such thing is out there on the mobile market.


Hi Lee!

Are You referring to the “parallelogram” elements that animate from the plane of the card - transforming to rectangles?

If so - You can do that just with Hype.

Here is an example created by @MattDArmstrong:
3D - “real” 3D space - 3d effect (23.5 KB) - note the file size.

The source thread is here.
Matt’s post is the fourth one down.

Sample screen capture - one of (3) transforms shown. There also is a reset button (“R”).

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And then some wonder why people install adblock. :crazy_face:

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This is awesome… its ashame I work with Japan and they ALWAYS for some reason look at things on IE… :(… but this is going to be awesome for banners in the future…

Play in banner animation on hover bothers you?.. you must have some issues :stuck_out_tongue: lol

You got to look at this way, the generation that we’re in is all about advertising and catching peoples attention the best way possible. From the perspective of companies, the fact that they’re a distraction is actually the point believe or not its something to stop you from reading/browsing, and whether you click on it or not is up to viewers discretion. The point is, the ad is delivered. A better question, how effective is the delivery and how unique is the ad? Lets take a look, Go to - look at all of their ads in case studies TomTom, LG, Spotify and others.

Question: Would you click on a static ad or would you click on an animated? Personally, I’d click on an animated, while static is static, it doesn’t tell the story hence the word static aka boring.

Their services: First and foremost comes the HTML5 animation and the development everything else comes secondary in chain of events this is what they’re pushing for.

  • HTML5 animation & development
  • Motion design
  • Bespoke automated scale production


  • Standard + rich media banners
  • Facebook + Instagram videos
  • Localization
  • 100,000+ units delivered

I hope this gives you a rather different perspective when it comes to the wants and needs of companies rather than publishers. Publishers will always have a problem with moving ads.

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