Animated GIF's play only the first time their scene is visited

(Ollie) #21

Thanks @jonathan for the explanation.

I’m unsure what this could be related to, but viewing on Firefox and Chrome there is flashing between each frame when playing. All images are set to preload so I am struggling to understand why this is happening?


(Ollie) #22

Firefox experiences this flashing first time when opening the scene, however Chrome it seems to happen when the scene is revisited. Safari is working great throughout.

Thanks in advance

(Jonathan Deutsch) #23

It is probably a rendering delay and may be due to the size (either file size or dimensions) of the images you are using.

(I’ll take this time to plug that the upcoming Hype v4 does have a sprite sheet feature that can do these animations generally smoothly with the ability to set a custom FPS. You’re welcome to join the beta).

(Ollie) #24

Hi @MarkHunte

Looking at your example - test_MHv1 when you import your gif it remains in a paused state. How can I achieve this for another gif as it seems to constantly keep looping when import mine.


(Mark Hunte) #25

Thats nothing to do with Hype. The gif was saved with loop off.

Not sure what was used to turn it off or even if I did it, probably not but you can open a gif in something like and the save as… a new file. This I think will by default turn the looping off.

(Ollie) #26

Thanks Mark, I have now figured out how to turn looping off so it plays just the once.

Thanks again.