Advanced Drag and Drop

I’m working on a project in which users need to drag and drop a few element onto the correct drop zones. After dropping each element into the right zone, a green tick should appear next to the zone. If the element was dropped onto an incorrect zone, then a red cross should appear next to the zone. Finally, It would be nice to have the reset button which resents everything. I have no idea how to start and I expect I will have to use some advanced JS here. Any help will be extremely appreciated. Have a look at the example.

Drag& (1.1 MB)

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Have a look at this

or do a forumsearch, you’ll get a bunch of results on drag’n drop

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I know how to make elements draggable and I also found a tutorial on how to drag and drop elements onto specific drop fields. What I’m struggling with is how to display a correct or incorrect message if the element is in a correct/incorrect field.

this is the contribution @h_classen sent you the link

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