πŸ“˜ A Book About Hype (2020 Print Edition)

The book arrived today. Look forward to reading it when it is my turn…



Previously I asked if I should put the templates on GitHub. While not exactly a scientific poll, it was unanimous. So, I looked into it. There was one major problem. One doesn't simply drag-and-drop a Hype Template to GitHub.

The .hypetemplate file is actually a package of files. If I try to add it, GitHub automatically compresses it. That defeats the purpose of using Git, as tracking changes is not ideal with encoded text.

...and then there's also my general aversion to social media websites. :smile:

I thought about using the "Restore Document from Export" option, but ehhh... that's not exactly friendly to beginners. Anyway, I suppose that's an idea for Hype. Maybe Hype projects should be more friendly for version control.

I saw this... Git/ VCS with hype files ...and that was over four years ago.

One of the things I realized while writing this book is that Hype is mainly a soloist app. But lately, the Internet is moving away from the days of an individual "Webmaster" and moving towards teams. Collaboration is definitely and area of improvement for Hype β€” especially these days, where remote work is far more common.

I think perhaps you're not doing things as you should with your "drag and drop". I just tried pushing a repo with a hype template, then I made changes and committed them and pushed the repo and I could see the changes in data.plist as plain text. I don't know anything about templates but it did seem to work.

You must know how to use Git first, then you can share the repo on GitHub, which by the way is not a social media website. :slight_smile:

Or perhaps I'm not understanding what you're trying to do.


That's one of the problems. I don't like the idea of so many changes occurring in one file. I made a tiny project, but the data.plist is over 14,000 lines long. That's not the best for readability.

I was thinking maybe Hype could be more like Xcode...

The "M" means the file has been modified. I can actually find that file on my desktop. I can open up the project in Visual Studio Code and easily see the differences.

Oh, quite true. That's not really the idea behind Git, but I was hoping I could do something quick. That would help with this too...

...people could just drag-and-drop their project. Although, I suppose if you're entering a game development competition, you should be able to handle Git.

I've also been debating β€” is this really a good idea? While more people will see the projects, a lot of people might ask me for a non-Hype version. Some will likely ask about how to use Git too. That has me wondering if I should just make these projects pure Vanilla JavaScript, but that's a different book project. :smile:

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Yes perhaps Github is not the best place for templates. For pure javascript it would totally be appropriate. Perhaps there should be a Hype templates collection on Tumult's site (or at least a curated site somewhere)?


Not sure what your profit margin is with LuLu (or whether that is even a motivation), but I suspect you'd do better with Amazon. I keep debating a purchase and keep returning to 'no.' My library is digital. I read on my iPad (isn't that what it's for, haha). I have no warm and fuzzy feelings for a big book, esp. when a PDF is so easy to search. So put me down with the group waiting for a searchable PDF. All best wishes with the book.

Right now, the focus is on the Widgets app. If you're waiting for a digital version, it's not likely to be soon. It might not happen at all.

This project wasn't designed as a digital book. It was meant to be a printed book. PDFs can also be sold on Lulu, but that hasn't happened with A Book About Hype for two main reasons...

  1. Customers, who may have opted for a digital book, bought the printed book instead. It seems disrespectful to offer a digital version so soon.
  2. A PDF is not an ideal format for a digital book. An ePub is somewhat better, but that needs conversion. It needs more work. It needs something special to take advantage of the format.

And yet, I feel like digital books have taken a step backward. Apple just killed iBooks Author. I looked at the changes to Pages, but I didn't see anything that inspired me.

In this post pandemic world, there is a tremendous need for online learning. I've been rethinking how that's done. There is an idea that I have been seriously considering, but it will take a tremendous amount of work. If I'm going to put that much effort into a new project, why not just make it a general web project and reach a dramatically larger audience?

That's when I realize, perhaps this is the final form of A Book About Hype. I'm not sure. Maybe Hype 4.5... or Hype 5... will be super impressive. Then, there might be a new version of the book in a future year. Perhaps it is just a simple ePub, perhaps it's something more radical. Right now, I'm waiting to see what's next from Tumult.

The title of this thread says "2020 Print Edition" and I'm sticking to that. The feedback has been amazing. Being a printed book is what makes this project special. There is digital content listed on Hype's tutorial page, such as the Hype Cookbook by @MaxZieb and HypeDocks by @michelangelo (and contributors).

Meanwhile, Lulu is having 15% off sale this week. :slightly_smiling_face:
(See the website for details.)

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Today my eyes lit up when I saw that a book on Hype is available. I need to ask some questions that are important to me:

  1. Not knowing English very well, it is likely that I will have difficulty reading it. So I was wondering if it was possible to buy a PDF version of the book. This would allow me to copy and paste the most difficult parts on an online translator and thus understand what might be less understandable. I am willing to pay full price for it, as if I took the paper. Another solution: I could take the hard copy but could I also have a digital copy?
  2. I don't have a lot of knowledge with Javascript, so I was wondering if the topics related to Hype-Javascript (i.e. how Hype interfaces with Javascript code) can be addressed also by those who are fasting Javascript If so, would it be better that I take a Javascript course first and then take the book? It would bother me to buy a book only on how to use Hype, which I already know well enough.

Anyway, congratulations on the book. I know how much it means to write one...

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Did you write this forum entry in person or was it written by an online translator? In the latter case give me the address to this great translator!! Otherwise you should have no problems to read the book!! :wink:

I help myself with Google Translator, but then I see again what it translated and I correct it according to my knowledge. I know, in addition to Javascript I also have to study English... :smiley:

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Try this one: https://www.deepl.com/translator
It is a marvel, although you have to be careful too. :wink:

I should learn both too... :sweat:


I've been really busy with Widgets, as macOS 11 has created a lot of unexpected work. When I made the Widgets app, I didn't know Apple was going to make such a fuss over their new widget system. In other words, I've been learning SwiftUI and WidgetKit.

But since today is Black Friday, I decided to take a look at Lulu and see if they're having any sales.

WOW, that's a huge sale! 30% off is BIG SAVINGS!

See the website for details...

To answer those asking about a digital version, only a printed version is available right now. A digital version is being considered, but that might be months (or years) away β€” if at all. It partially depends on what happens with the next major version of Hype. But after seeing the news from Apple, a new project is certainly being considered. After the next update of Widgets is launched, I'm planning to post a poll here. There are two exciting ideas that I'm considering.

December 1, 2020 Update β€” I was looking at the report and I saw that a copy of the book was sold today. I was sad. I kept yelling at my monitor... whhhhhyyy.... whyyyyyy?! You missed out on a great sale. But then I was like... wait a minute... hey... Lulu extended the sale another day. Nice!


Ready for the digital version? It's been a year... I have the digital version and will LOVE having your book on PDF.


I just posted about that...

I think on New Year's Day, I'll post the poll. 2020 was rough, so I think people would like to have more fun in 2021. That's why I think the gaming idea is a good one. But if more people are interested in a digital version of the book, then it probably makes more sense to do that. (It's not looking like a PDF / ePub document though.) If the poll doesn't have a lot of votes, I'll probably just keep working on Widgets, which is what I should be doing right now. :blush:

I received a copy of Book About Hype and I love it.


I don't think I'll be posting the poll on New Year's Day. 2021 might be the year of games. Flash is officially dead at the end of this year. That has created a huge hole on the Internet. Perhaps we can rebuild what was lost. I'm seriously considering throwing a Hype game development competition.

Awesome! That's good to see. Is there anything in particular that you really liked?

Just the step by step way you wrote it-very clear and easy to follow. Which is all important to me as someone who struggles to get my head around HYPE.


Hi @maikr & @soprani

Today is the day. :blush:

Hi @Paradise β€” Does a searchable ePub work for you?

Hi @belarga β€” it took a while to get the publication ready. I knew it was going to be tough. Hopefully everyone enjoys the new digital version.

Anyway, this thread is closed. If you want to continue the conversation, there's a new thread...