3.6.3 update - Export Script Export Override

The new HYPE 3.6.3 update states the following: Export Script options override choices from Advanced Export

I use Sizmek for serving most of my ads and they provide a CDN for hosting an external HYPE Runtime which helps me reduce the allowed file size of the overall ad. However since this 3.6.3 update if I select the ‘Sizmek’ Export Script in ‘Advanced Export’ I no longer have the option to select and use the external runtime.

@hype I would recommend adding this option back in to the ‘advanced export’.

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Hey dude :slight_smile:

Here’s what you do.

Go to hype -> preferences -> Export Scripts and open the sizmek Expor Script on finder.

Then, use whatever text editor you prefer and open up the script with it ( I recommend Sublime Text)

Cmd+F and search for “exportShouldUseExternalRuntime” And change from False to True…

Remove the # in front of “exportExternalRuntimeURL” and put the external URL you use there and it will always have the same URL for all banners every time you use that script.

I assume that should work.

If your Script looks like this

Your export option should look like this


Good point - the new 3.6.3 feature will disable any options that the export script defines. The Sizmek script sets a value of false to using the runtime, though this is the default. So to that end, you can edit the export script and comment out the "exportShouldUseExternalRuntime" and "exportExternalRuntimeURL" lines, and the option will be presented again:

I will update the export scripts so they do this (may take a couple days, I need to make a couple other minor changes).

The recommendation by @Carlosnewblue is also a good workaround.


Thanks Guys much appreciated, @jonathan have you seen my other post regarding the export script?
If you could help shed more light onto this problem that would be great:


I’ve made the change to allow editing CDN in Advanced Export for the export scripts, and also made a change such that restorable documents now aren’t enabled. You can grab the latest versions on the Export Scripts page.