Zoom with trackpad



Would it be possible to be able zoom/pan using the trackpad please?


(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the request! Don’t hold your breath (right now for technical reasons we’re limited to specific zoom scale factors), but this is a good feature that we know is wanted!


many thanks Jonathan for the reply, perhaps just some hotkeys would suffice for now?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #4

You can use command-minus and command-plus to zoom in and out; command-zero will go back to 100%.
(note this changed in v3.5; it used to be the greater-than/less-than arrows)


Many thanks Jonathan!

(Jonathan Luna) #6

Have you guy possibly considered a Canvas Zoom Slider it would be very useful for being able to optimize the most convenient work space dementions for any project. Its some like a difficult integration that can have dramatic user experience benefits.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #7

If we did a zoom beyond the specific points we have now, that would enable trackpad zoom and we’d probably also make an affordance to use a slider too.