Working with Audio on the timeline


I am new to Hype. I have worked on Adobe Edge Animate before. I wanted to know if there is a feature in Hype that would allow me to place audio into the timeline and let me drag the the play head to preview the audio? I have not been able to successfully add the audio to the timeline yet. The project I am working on uses large audio files and I need to perform animations at different points on the audio playback. How can I achieve this with Hype?



Unfortunately, due to the powers that be :slight_smile: audio cannot be added in the same way as video. So you cannot preview the audio inside of Hype. I believe it’s being worked on and will be changed in the future (Don’t quote me on that)

So, that causes a problem when trying to sync your animations with the audio. That being said there is perhaps a workaround but it’s a little complicated.


  1. convert your audio to .mp4 and then add it to your project so that you can use it like video
  2. use the following information to sync it yourself assuming you know the exact (or near) times each part of the animation fires. (column on the right is seconds shown in decimal)

I would personally go for option 1 as it’s much easier.

*remember that your audio / video may be in a different frame rate to Hype (which is 30fps) so when it comes to playing the final sequence there may be a slight discrepancy. Also, your audio / video has to buffer before it plays so make sure your timeline doesn’t start playing until this happens (you can achieve this with some javascript)

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