Windows Desktop App

I was asked to build a Windows destop Application. I decided to do it with Tumult Hype and Phonegap. When I created the XAPP file I receive a certificate error. I can dive into it, but I first wanted to check if anyone already made somthing like this and if Phonegap is the way to go. I’m an apple guy and know the certificates that come along with developing Apps, but not familiar with the windows proces. Can you even create desktop apps with Phonegap or online mobile? It’s more a phonegap question, but I was hoping someone already build something similar.

I think these forums are a better place for this question:

Best of luck! But if you do find something out please let us know so other Hype + Windows app producers can learn.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks will do! I will dive into it tomorrow. Hopefully I can share some information here soon.