Windows Availability


You guys can’t just make an exceptional piece of software and expect to not have to make a PC version! I’ve used Adobe Muse and edge animate, but the creative cloud bills were way too high. This looks very similar, and better, for way cheaper, and you’re only making it available to the minority. It’s a good business choice, and it makes my world infinitely better

(Mark Hunte) #2

Afaik many app of this kind do not support cross platform at the start. Because what may seem good business sense is not supportable due to resources.
Pc users and Mac users will have many unique issues to each user group which means you would not only need experts for both Mac and Pc architecture but also two sets of support resources. All of which double overheard.

Also I think the background of many of the developers at tumult used to work for Apple. Which seems why it is written for Macs first.

Saying that,
I think at some point they may give you what you want when they reach a stage that they can support it. which would be good.

All of this is opinion based by the way and in no way trying to say any of this is fact where Tumult is concerned or that this is their view and as such may be completely wrong.


It seems like Hype could be web based, which would solve cross-platform issues. Yet, I hate all this speak of the cloud. That’s basically just renting software / hardware. So, I’m glad I have a Mac.