Widget resizes in iBook when returning from Safari


This is not nessacarily a question related to Hype, I have a widget exported into a iBook. There is a link to a website from the widget which opens in safari correctly, however I noticed when you return to iBook the widget is resized (smaller) - is there a fix for this?


Does the widget look like this…

I had to use fixed sized Hype projects to make iBooks display the widgets properly.

That’s odd – can you share an example book and .hype document?

Are you using any flexible layout or responsive layout features?

Hi Daniel,

Please see the attatched ibook and sample Hype (this is to do with iBooks more than Hype), it looks like if you add a link to open a new window when returning the widget is resized.


Archive.zip (971.6 KB)

Unfortunately this looks like a bug in iBooks – there’s nothing in Hype that would be causing this.

indeed this is a iBook issue, just wanted to note this incase anyone encounters the same issue.

I’ve added this to our list of known issues when working with iBooks widgets here: Intro to Exporting iBooks Widgets

If you know of issues that should be removed or added, please let me know!