Why is my animation firing twice if the connection is slow? (Resolved after Update)


I am working with an animation that I didn’t actually make. The animation works fine on a faster connection, but if I throttle the connection to normal 3G speeds, the animation will begin, and after about half a second, the animation restarts. The project is using smarty php as a templating engine. Can anyone shed some light on why this might be happening? As far as I can tell the animation itself is fine, but when it is loaded on a slow connection the problem occurs. Thank you!

It would be great to see an example document that shows this. We did encounter an issue similar to this that involved responsive layouts and preloaded images, but it was fixed in 3.5. Can you confirm that you’re using the latest version? (3.5)

The smarty template shouldn’t have an effect since whatever dynamic data you use is likely ready to go (and won’t change) ready to go when the browser gets its data for the page.

Hey Daniel!

At the moment I don’t know which version it was made in. I looked through the JS and couldn’t find any mention of the version number. Is there any way to find out which version it is just by looking at the output Javascript? When was 3.5 released? I might be able to infer which version based on the release date. Thanks!

Hello again!

Just looked up the release for 3.5 and it looks like these animations were completed before that version, so it is likely that it’s related to the old version we’re using! Not sure what the actual version number is, but the animation was done in late October last year. Is there any fix that can be applied to the output js? If not I’ll try to track down the original project files. Thanks!

If you see a plist file in the export, you can easily recover and upgrade the document using this feature: Restore project from .plist

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Thank you! I was able to restore the project and re-export it. This seems to have solved the problem. I appreciate the help!

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