When will Hype 4.0 be released?




hence the reason that no specific time is given. :slight_smile:

I feel we’re close. :nail_biting:


i applied for beta on last sunday. no reply yet.

(Pete) #18

Funny, RIP Philip Seymor Hoffman

(Jonathan Deutsch) #19

I just sent out a new batch; please check your email!

(Loves Hype) #20

Sorry for pushing this thread but I had hoped sooo much that Tumult would have set a hard goal to force release 4.0 in 2018. seams like that is just passing bye. I really hope release cycles will be more frequent and (the pro version) will include more pro stuff (datasets, markers, attachSymbol, dublicateSymbol, more API like properties for code animation etc.)… in 2019! Happy new year to all of you!

(Tudor Vedeanu) #21

Are new beta testers still accepted? I’d love to try the new vector animation tools in Hype 4 for a potential infographic project (I applied for the beta in December).


See, this guy get it. :smile:

If you’re frustrated by how long it’s taking to get Hype 4.0 launched, just try to get in the beta.

I’m going to defend Tumult on this one. Without going into much detail… it is beta after all… I think the Hype 4 beta of January 2019 is much better than the one from January 2018. I think launching earlier would have been a mistake. Tumult made the right move and decided to put extra work into the software. That’s a hard choice for a developer. But wow, the ******** **** ******* feature didn’t exist and it’s amazing. I’m also glad Tumult is putting more work into ******* and the **** **** ********** features.

(Rick) #23

I’m not having to update my skills for v.4 to rocket scientist levels I hope? :thinking:

I still remember the days I made webpages out of table rows and cells… :kissing_heart:

(Jonathan Deutsch) #24

Yes! Check your email. Thanks!

(Our process to send out invite batches is a little more manual than I’d like; So it is typically done about once a month. We pretty much send it to everyone who has applied.)

(Mark Hunte) #25

Lol. Me to, funny thing is still use them every now an then…

(Stephen O'Callaghan) #26

Could I apply for beta tester? Any release date on the update yet?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #27

Nope! Hype v4 primarily only adds features, all your existing knowledge will still apply to the existing feature set. Of course with the new features, there will probably be better ways of doing some things.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #28

You can apply here; we’ll be adding another batch of testers in a week or so. There’s no official date, but we’re in the final stretch of development.

(Branko Popovic) #29

I applied for beta testing 3 weeks ago but haven’t heard back - should I reapply?

(Cam) #30

Not sure how I missed this thread… I also signed up for the beta. Finally! I’m super excited for this release! These new features will be so helpful and awesome! Quick question.

Will the External Resource Editing include editing in Sketch?

Keep up the great work Tumult team!

(Jonathan Deutsch) #31

We’ll be sending out another batch later this week!

Not really – .sketch files aren’t a web format so they can’t be displayed in a Hype document. While you can export .svg in sketch and bring that in as an image, you then can’t use sketch to edit that file!

(You can technically bring them into the resources library and edit as an external resource, but there’s probably not much use to that since they can’t be displayed)

Sketch (or other layered image format import) is definitely a feature on the radar for a future release.

(Jaywing) #32

Hi, I’ve applied to be a Beta tester a few times now but heard nothing back - are you still accepting testers at the moment? I would really love to be involved as Hype is my main software program at the moment and Im very excited for Hype 4.0.

Any idea when you are aiming for Hype 4.0 release window?

(Jonathan Deutsch) #33

We are still taking beta testers; the release is coming soon.

(Via other thread it looks like you were invited on 9/13)

(Casey) #34

Will there be a version on the Mac App Store that has the “Professional” features unlocked and not require an in-app purchase to do so? It would be cool to be able to push the new app via MDM with all features unlocked.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #35

Unfortunately not - in fact we are planning the opposite that even Standard will require an In-App Purchase (as so we can give a free initial download and trial). It is a bit silly that MDM does not allow for IAP.

However it is my understanding that MDM should still work to distribute the Tumult Store version of Hype. We have a License file that can be distributed to each machine (or image) to make sure it is licensed.

Are you able to get other non-Mac App Store software working with your distribution? We’re happy to learn more about your flow and what can/can’t work for you.