What screen size we need to use?

Hi, If i want to create an simple app for android using phonegap build. What screen size do i need to use. If i use a certain screen size then does it fit with every device? does Hype is capable of doing that? Can any advice me how to start. Thank you. :smile: :blush:

Android devices vary quite a bit in size from small phones, large phones, phablets, and tablets. There’s lots of guidance out there for all the different device resolutions; I’m not sure I have a particular recommendation for a good starting resolution given it depends on what devices you want to support and how different the layouts are.

Hype has two mechanisms to help design for different screens:

  1. Responsive Layouts let you entirely change what elements are displayed based on width breakpoints
  2. Flexible Layout allow you to adjust how elements are positioned and scaled based on width or height

Thank you so much @jonathan. :blush: its very useful