What causes an animation to become jumpy?


Just wanted to know why the animation becomes jumpy during random taps/ clicks. Any ideas?
I’ve tried changing the animation’s behavior in the timeline to instant, linear, etc, etc… and still jumpy randomly.
Please help.

jumpy animation.mov (339.5 KB)

Thx in advance.
Hype 3 Pro 3.0.3, Mac OSX El Capitan


Wow, that’s an eye for detail.

Do two of the lines overlap when they form the X?

I’m not sure why that would happen. Is physics on? Are they in a symbol or group?


@Photics, Yes they (the elements which make up the X) are within a folder (just one folder) using sticky js.

Thx, techgiant2000


I’m not sure why that would be a problem. What I think might be a good idea is to isolate the problem. Maybe move the animation to its own separate project and test it. If it works there, then the problem is something in the project. It might be a glitch with Hype.