Welcome on board! Please introduce yourself 🖐

(Marcus Ford) #121

My name is Marcus.
I’m a web developer and graphic designer
I live in Spokane, Washington
My native language is English
So far I’ve made some Google Ads & a Playable Ad
I would call myself a beginner
My favorite design tool is Illustrator and I’m just getting into animation
I used Adobe Flash the first time in 2008
My favorite animated film is Lion King

(Giovanni) #122

Hello to everyone. Thankful to be a part of this forum.

(Giovanni) #123

Hello to everyone, my name is Giovanni and I write you from Italy. Sorry for my english, it is no so good (I often help myself with an automatic translator).
I have always worked on Windows machines but then, in 2008, I decided to switch to a mac and since then I have not gone back. I consider myself a generalist in audiovisual and multimedia communication. I have skills in the audiovisual and graphic field.

  • Who are you?
    My name is Giovanni
  • What is your industry/profession?
    I work in the multimedia field and I am also a student who is specializing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome
  • Where do you call home?
    Rome - Italy
  • What is your native language?
  • What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for? (Feel free to post screenshots or links!)
    Currently studying by carrying out experiments or multimedia applications
  • Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
    Mhhh…depend on it. I usually feel like an average user…
  • What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
    After Effects, Sparkle and Apple Motion
  • What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
    Autodesk Animator!
  • What is your favorite animated film?
    I love different movies…one of them is a Third Type Close Encounter and Back to the Future!

(Zachary Cummins) #124


I am epiccoder
I do not have a job
Mill Valley
Idk yet
maybe blender or unity
I have no idea
Too hard

(Chris Hardy) #125
  • Who are you?
    My name is Chris Hardy
  • What is your industry/profession?
    I am a registered nurse in the uk specialising in people with learning / intellectual disabilities
  • Where do you call home?
    Yorkshire, England
  • What is your native language?
  • What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for? (Feel free to post screenshots or links!)
    I created an app using hype which was a easy read guide to having a blood test. I won a national nursing award for the work. Since then I’ve learnt bits of JavaScript which I’m hoping to use in future projects.
  • Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?
    Novice using hype as I’ve been using in for a few years - beginner with the JavaScript side of things but getting there really quickly!
  • What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?
    I’m currently doing a lot of other worker with blender but love Pixelmator for basic graphic edits
  • What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)
    Probably hype a few years ago!
  • What is your favorite animated film?
    Toy story - was a part of my childhood and still amazes me today


Hi, I’m sort of a long-time-brand-new to hype user. I’m not a web developer. I’ve been a product designer, UI/UX designer and 3D modeler in the games industry.
I experimented with hype when it came out in 2011. I loved what it did but it didn’t match up well with my production needs at the time.
I’m now working on a portfolio and thought this would be a great tool for the job!

I have been studying @DBear’s and @h_classen’s examples among others too.


(David Duncan) #127

Hi! My name is David Duncan.

I work in advertising and I use Hype to create animated banner ads for websites.

I live in Los Angeles, CA.

My native language is English.

I recently completed an entry for the Vector Animation contest, a short piece titled ‘Morning Coffee’.

I consider myself to be a ‘mid-level’ to ‘advanced’ animator, however, I am very much a ‘beginner’ when it comes to coding and interactive design/animation.

My background is in Adobe After Effects, and it is still a favorite tool of mine, but I also really enjoy Cinema4D.

My first animation tool was After Effects.

Despite my career choice, I don’t have a favorite animated film!

Nice to meet everyone! I’m very happy to be here.


(Pete) #128

I guess its my turn.

My name is Pete Borokhov
I’m a Graphic mixed media designer
Home is Queens, New York

Native language? Russian, English, Understand Farcy and read Hebrew.

  • What have you made with Hype – or what are you planning on using Hype for? (Feel free to post screenshots or links!)

I use hype for interactive ads, slideshows, video exports recreations and such. I’ve played around with hype in the early days but at that time it was more of an experimental phase. It wasn’t until 2016 that I got heavily into it thanks to hype pro.

Some of my work can be found here

Hype related ads test blog

  • Would you call yourself a beginner, novice, or advanced?

It really depends, I’m a beginner in JavaScript, Id call myself novice and advanced depends whose asking😁

  • What’s your favorite design/animation tool (Other than Hype)?

Final Cut, Motion, AE and others.

  • What’s the first interaction or animation tool you ever used? (Analog OR digital!)

Metacreations Bryce 3D, Poser, Adobe Photoshop 4x KPT Gel plug ins, Flash.

  • What is your favorite animated non-animated

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. I’m a Trekkie so Star Trek reboot, Tron Remake big fan of sci-fi 3D flicks.

When I don’t use Hype.
I’m a big fan of upgrading MacPro’s from 2007-2010

And at times I use Ableton Live to compose EDM and experiment with sounds. I love tweaking sounds. My favorite synths have to be the iconic TB-303, Access Virus C, TI recently switched to virtual Instruments - for those heavily into music production don’t judge I still love hardware.:grin:

My early music inspiration comes from artist and DJ’s Paul Van Dyk, Kai Tracid, Ferry Corsten, Activa…

My mini demos can be found here.

Most recent stuff

Completed track still needs heavy mastering

Most of all I enjoy spending time with my family and kids.

(Stephen O'Callaghan) #129

I’m Steve from Leeds, Been using Hype since around September 2018 so very much a newbie to it all, I’ve managed to pick up quite a lot and have created several HTML5 banners for use across the web. I’m looking forward to getting involved with the community here and picking everyones brains!

Currently working as a Digital Designer for a large sports company
I call home Leeds, in the UK
Native language is English
Currently I’m making HTML5 Banners for use in DCM
Novice, for sure, the programme is fairly intuitive but there’s so much more to learn!
I’m Photoshop through and through!
Adobe Animate & was quite good for certain stuff but working with DCM added several more steps out of the programme to get the creative prepped.
Spirited Away or any Studio Ghibli


Hi! My name is Suresh

I work in IT Industries and I creating websites.

I live in Mumbai, India.
My native language is English and Hindi.

I recently completed 7 years as ‘UI Developer’.

My background is in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Photoshop. I have created several HTML5 Websites as well as banners for use across the web. I’m looking forward to getting involved with the community here.

Nice to meet everyone! I’m very happy to be here.


(Gabriel Arroyo Estacio) #131

Hi, I’m Gabriel arroyo Estacio,
I’m writer and musician from Caracas, Venezuela. I speak Spanish and Italian. Using Hype since yesterday.
I would like to learn how to use it to develop books and educational applications for children. And yes, I’m a beginner. I have some animating experiences using Anime Studio (Moho) and LightWave 3D.
My favorite animations are the cut out type.

(Barry Fiore) #132

Hi, my name is Barry (biflower7) and I’m new to your forum–just signed up for an account. I’m a beginner who would like to be able to create animated gifs for my (non-commercial) personal website. I’m trying to get some INFORMATION that will help me decide if the Tumult software application is right for me. It sounds like what I’ve been looking for (outgrown Giphy online), but I need some answers.

I’m running a Mac OS Mojave and my website is not a Word Press but a Wix platform (if that makes any difference). I contacted Tumult support yesterday, asking if I needed to know HTML code, and Danial M. was good enough to get back to me: “You do not need to know HTML to use Tumult Hype, but it is helpful.”

Okay, but how far can I go without needing the “helpful” HTML? At what point? (How much code do you have to know to find it “helpful”?) Does this mean, say, I can create amateur gifs that will suffice for an average personal website, but if I want to get really professional then I need to know code? I’m hope it means this, because I don’t have the time to learn more than the simple standard HTML codes. And if this means that I stay at the level of what is possible with Giphy, then I don’t want to waste my time (and maybe money) learning the application only to find out, after a lot of time spent, that this application isn’t for people–complete novices–like me. I’m looking to create eye-catching gifts for my website, but not the state-of-the-art kind that only a professional could create.

If anyone can help me with this, it would be greatly appreciated.

PS: Can’t decide what my “favorite animated film” is. It’s a toss-up between Yellow Submarine and Aladdin. :wink:

Thank You,

(Rick) #133

HYPE can be used by anyone, novice or professional.

Do you need to know how to code? No.
It does help if you do know how to but you don’t need to. I can’t code (not a finger), but I think I’ve come up with some pretty decent HYPE projects over the years with the help of this forum (and a lot of copy-paste :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Most time I spend here is reading and learning from other posts, and downloading source files then picking them apart to see how things ‘tick’ then apply that to my own work. The search function is also a great help as many questions have come by over the past years and got answered too.

Whether or not HYPE is something for you, only you can decide but I can tell you one thing, you will never find a more supportive and helpful developer team and forum members then on these forums.

Ps, oh hi, welcome!:smile:

(Barry Fiore) #134

Hi Rick, THANK YOU for the very helpful reply! You’ve told me what I needed to know.
Btw, what are “source files”? Can you give me an example?

Looking forward to being part of the forum,

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(Jonathan Deutsch) #136

As in the source of animations - .hype documents. A lot can be learned by opening them in Hype and seeing how other animators have structured their scenes/animations.

  • I’m Dustin in Carson, CA
  • I have a technology, music, art, photography background
  • Native language is English
  • I’m a biginner
  • Here to gain knowledge to better communicate across devices
  • Favorite film of late is Coco

(furmie) #138

Hi there. I’m Furman currently out of the Raleigh NC area. Product/furniture designer for the retail display industry (furniture for displaying products @ retailers and exhibition trade shows). Very “low-tech” stuff :grin:

After working in San Francisco for a rather short stint (2017), I fell in love with the tech community (and the city). Intuitively knew there existed ways in which I could somehow bridge the gap between digital technology and with what I already do. I have always been very interested in mobile app dev on the iOS platform, but never thought of myself as capable of actually doing it. And maybe I won’t be. But first comes the learning process so I can find out if I pass or fail at it.

Currently learning native iOS development using the Swift language and Xcode. New to this coding thing, but the Storyboard / Interface builder helps me a lot as I’m a very visual guy. And that’s what I like about Hype (which I only found by accident yesterday). At the outset it appears extremely user friendly for Mac nuts like me.

I think Hype may just be the tool I can use to create interfaces such as:

  • Interactive museum exhibits
  • informational kiosks for retailers
  • e-learning applications

Glad to have found this program and forum!


My name is Simon, from Italy, I’m a web services free lance and a trainer/teacher.
I’m using Hype to create more interactive widget for the web and I know Hype since 2015 but I’m surely a beginner.
Before using Hype, I remember there was Adobe Director and tried to use Adobe Flash as well, but I found Hype is more oriented to the web services.
I hope to learn from this community!

(Jaroslaw Reszka) #140

Hi, big smile and hugs to everyone.
In my real life, everyone is calling me Jay which is actually not my official name by I’m fine with.
Natively speaking Polish and German with a usable level of good English.

Many years in my life have passed working in front of a screen, but have never managed to get any kind of recognised certificates in graphic design or similar discipline. In times where I was making decisions about my adult career, graphic design was not a keyword more like a play-word and I have ended up with a qualification in civil engineering and don’t fancy it.
Today I do have serious plans to get back to education to expand my knowledge and to get certification in a Creative profession.
Alright, that will be not so easy, ‘smile’.
At this moment I’m living in North West England, but this is a variable which could be changed at any time.
Where do you call home? I wish to find an answer to this question soon.

I can’t remember anymore which was my first computer the Commodore 64 or Atari but the next big one where I was most excited and done first serious job with has a big heart inside. The Internet has only command lines like the Linux terminal and was truly loud. You could hear the packets squeezing through the telephone line.
Somewhere around 1995, I have discovered the Monzoom 3D which was a kind of hype in my life and the world in my head has changed since then.
The Monzoom 3D was sold to another company and I couldn’t afford the switch.
This was my end with 3D for many years and when I think about I get depressed.
One day I have discovered Blender and I fell in love, Blender has returned a smile on my face when I think about 3D.

Have successfully accomplished a few freelancing projects for small to medium customers.
Which software do you like and use mostly?
Blender following by Ps, Ai, Ae and for the last two years, the Affinity is approaching the race very quickly.
Since yesterday is the Hype Pro in my house as well and I’m excited to learn and to use. To be honest, Hype has a lot of potentials and I’m absolutely new to the Hype.

What is my favourite animated film?
Definitely, Pepa Pig!