Weird flicker on MacOs app

I've launched my app for macOS using Hype and Xcode and Mac Catalyst (which I know is buggy) and on one of the scenes I get this weird flicker. There's nothing going on behind those objects.

For some reason it's flickering the UI that's already there, which are persistent symbols –the audio button "speaker" and the menu button "A", as well as some other persistent symbol I have there that has no objects, just behaviors, that's the flicker on the far left

So persistent symbols are flickering on this page. Is this Catalyst being buggy?

It only happens on my laptop (which is a brand new MacBook Pro) but not on my iMac. Could it be a memory issue? My iMac has 56 GB or RAM, whereas my MacBook has 16GB

That's bizarre. It probably isn't a memory issue... I think I'd need to see the document and xcode project to get a better idea if you're willing/able to send that our way (support at tumult dot com).

About the only suggestion I would have is to try changing the "Use WebKit graphics acceleration" and "Position with CSS left/top" options in the Document Inspector since those can sometimes affect rendering, but honestly that is a shot in the dark and I doubt gets at the root issue.

Hi Jonathan, after some thought, I've decided to remove the Marimba game from the Mac app. Playing it with a cursor in a desktop screen was weird anyway.

Thanks for your offer though!


One interesting note about the new silicon macs is that they will be able to run iOS Applications automatically. It would be interesting to try to reproduce once those come out with the iOS app running on the Mac since I imagine that will have a lot shared with a Catalyst version.