Websites with Hype-Animation in the header not responsive?

Have a hype animation integrated on my website.

Unfortunately, this sub-page (on which the hype animation is integrated in the header) is then no longer displayed as mobile / responsive on mobile devices, but as a desktop version.

What setting have I make, so that my mobile website stays responsive, even on smartphones with hype-animations?

thank you

It’d probably be useful to know more information about where/how you’re embedding it and if you’re using Flexible Layout, Responsive Layouts, or both. If you have a live embedded example and a zip of your .hype document to share that’d be best.

In general Hype documents will look at their parent/containing div and adjust their size that you’ve setup to that upon load.

If the window size changes, Hype will automatically re-layout to fit. There are some cases where a container may change size but the window did not change; this is rare, but you may need to use the relayoutIfNecessary API.