Webdocumentary made with Hype 3

Hi !
We made in 10 days a web documentary exercice with students of a french journalist school. Most of the elements have been made by the students themselves after a 4 hour lesson. It’s great to see how they managed to understand the software in so little time, most of them knowing almost nothing about programmation and animation (most of them knew about video editing and thus timeline, btw).
They made their part using the retail version of Hype the school bought and I put them all together with my own beta of Hype 3, mainly because Symbols are such a great feature !
Considering the whole job has been made in 2 weeks (open days only), it’s a great job, even if it may need some improvements, especially for speed reasons (it’s all made around a random choice of scenes) and compatibility. any piece of advice would be great :smiley:
Strangely, the program behaves better on Firefox (fluidity).
This experience taught me a lot and gives me new suggestion about how to improve Hype. I’ll let you know.
Anyway, this will roll on our networks and be sure Hype will be greatly put forward, for it is, in my opinion, the best tool to make that kind of application.
Here it is (French/Firefox friendly)

Very cool! Thanks for sharing this with us.

Definitely let us know any issues you came across building this project.

Here are some considerations that came up making this :

  • The result is not as fast as we hoped. Maybe because of heavy graphics (we tried to optimise and gave up Retina ready images), maybe because scene transition is not fast enough.
  • Scenes management : the project has about 65 scenes. Theses scenes have been made on 10 computers then copied/paste into the main project. Navigating into the scene inspector could have been easier. First, every new scene is pasted at the end of the line. We would have loved to be able to paste them after/before a given scene. The best way I can imagine the scene inspector is to have the scenes displayed as a flow chart that graphically shows their organisation. Scenes could also be arranged into folders.
  • Image we use and then suppress from a scene still appear in the Ressource inspector and thus in the final site folder. It could be nice to have a way to purge the document from files who are not involved anymore.
  • We needed text enhancement (links on words, style sheets) so we made our texts on word and pasted them on text boxes. But we had problems like huge html code. We absolutely need a minimal text tool to set styles directly in Hype

is this the slotmachine¿ like:)
applescriptsupport could make things like this easier
¡ every good macsoftware offers applescriptlibrary :slight_smile: !

… and you call it ‘text enhancement’, working with text and styles within hype is buggy as the provided possibilities are far behind animation-possibilities -> may be as of hype started as a html5-animation-software.

But now it’s going to grow, going to be smthg. big :slight_smile:


Hi Hans Gerd
I forgot to tell you about the release of the document but we put a thanks in the credits :slight_smile:
Thanks again for your help, it’s been much appreciated