Web authoring app

(Pablo) #1

It would be great to get a Hype version for creating web pages, such as iWeb, Adobe Muse or Webflow. Your software is much more easy to use and the options for web design out there are very limited for non coders.
Also having the ability to build interactive multimedia sites as Klynt or Racontr do.
I have been dreaming with a software like this my entire life. Adobe DPS was the closest thing I’ve tried, but it was limited to ios/Android, and then they just cut single edition plan.

(Jonathan Deutsch) #2

Thanks for the feedback!


I don’t really need this feature. That’s mainly because I work with content management systems. It’s usuall about creating a theme and then adding that theme to the CMS. (That’s why I like Artisteer. It’s great at creating themes for popular systems like WordPress.)

If I wasn’t using a CMS, I probably could create an entire site with Hype.

If this feature is to be added, and it’s to be successful, what should Hype do that it doesn’t already do?

It’s not that I’m against new features, it’s just that I think they should be secondary to getting the Physics features up to a more usable level. Ha! :smile:

(chrisgrande) #4

Take a look at Sparkle it’s basically what I think you’re looking for.