Way to add keyframes to multiple elements at same time?

Let’s say I have a barcode in my Hype document, each line of the barcode is a rectangle element and there’s 40 total. I want animate each line dropping in individually.

I can highlight no more than 4 elements at a time (this is limited by screen space) and still see their properties appear in the Properties palette. Then I individually click Origin (Top) 2 times (start and end) for each one. And then continue 4 at a time to finish out all 40. Or I can select all 40 and scroll down thru them all in the Properties palette, but I still have to click each one 2 times to get all my keyframes.

Is there a less tedious way to accomplish this? I feel like there should be a way that I could select all 40 elements and then somehow add a keyframe to all 40 elements with a single click or right click or…

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First, I’ll mention that that easiest method to create keyframes in Hype is not with the add keyframe buttons, but through the Record button. This will specifically make keyframes for only the properties that were manipulated during recording. You can use the Capo tool to set the start time for the initial keyframe as well (otherwise it will just animate from the 0 time or last keyframe).

Personally I make ~95% of all keyframes in this manner and it is rare to use the Add Keyframe button.

However, if you do want to explicitly set keyframes, holding down option while clicking the keyframe button will make keyframes for all displayed properties on all the selected elements. The keyword there is displayed; you can use the Properties pop-up menu to select which properties to show and then when option-clicking it will only apply to those.

Of course, I do think it would be nice if there was another modifier that was to add keyframes to the single property, but across all selected elements.


Thanks for the pro-tips, @jonathan!


hopefully in dev of 4.5 beta

Is there a way to use the record button in reverse? In other words, I have my element in the place that it needs to wind up, so now I need to position it off-canvas at a point earlier in the timeline.

My workflow is to place things precisely where they appear on the canvas, and then “move them out of the way,” where the off-canvas location isn’t nearly as precise of a spot.

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There’s not a good way to do this currently (beyond manual kefyrame creation); I agree it is a missing workflow issue.

Hype has the capo tool to control the start point of animations, but it only can be positioned before the playhead. Edge Animate had a similar pin system, but it could be positioned after the playhead to record keyframes in reverse. It was pretty neat, but very complex to wrap one’s head around so we opted for a more simple paradigm. But at some point I’d like to revisit the capo and see if we can keep it simple but add this capability since it comes up frequently and the record tool really is the easiest way to make keyframes.

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Okay, thanks. I’m always trying to be as efficient as possible, but within a workflow that makes sense for me. I’d love a reverse record functionality in Hype.

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