WaterCraft Configurator made with Hype Pro

HI to all, here another example of my work with hype.
I made a WP store with some animations inside, embedded through a responsive iframe.

I enjoyed a lot to build the configurator for the Kayacat, made without javascript, Hype only with timelines; just one (responsive) layout.

Visit also the Kayacat 404 page :slight_smile:

Available also in HypeDocks in the Web Gallery :slight_smile:



Looks nice. On my iPad website cannot be found and going to the home page makes the website reload because of a problem.

I have updated some things via FTP, sorry, now is ok :slight_smile:

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Very nice work!
Love the idea of the animated 404!

me too :slight_smile:

Hey there, I love it! Can you please share a Hype Document to see how it was made?