Watch out Phishing Target to Apple Accounts

Had two emails today apparently from Apple warning me my Apple Account and ITunes Account had attempted logins and the accounts are locked.
Click link below…

These emails are a scam and likely doing the rounds.

If you get any emails like this remember.
Don’t click links in emails of this nature.

Distrust emails of this nature as a matter of course. No matter how legitimate they appear.

Always use your own obtained, secure and verified links in a browser to navigate to a site especially when you need to login or give personal details

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Apt advice … if ever getting these kind of emails always go to a trusted source and attempt to login there. i.e a site you know is legitimate.


In Chrome for example you can check that the site has valid certificates and is pointing to the same (correct) site name. If there is no secure tab then do not attempt any login or give away sensitive material.